Innovative solutions for smart cities
We create and implement innovative solutions for smart cities, such as multifunctional high-load IT platforms that allow intelligent managing transport systems, communicating with citizens in all popular and affordable ways, managing the household equipment and utilities, as well as some other elements of digital megalopolises.
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Intelligent transport systems
New solutions for urban transport that enable to reduce the negative environmental effects and the load on a transport system.
Arrangement of parking space
Solutions for arranging street and road networks in large cities.
These allow to increase the turnover of parking spaces and reduce the incidence of illegal or improper parking in high-traffic-density areas.
Infrastructure for electric transport
A platform that joins together charging station owners and electric car users. A mobile application that aggregates charging stations from different manufacturers into a common infrastructure. Now drivers can charge their cars in any convenient place chosen from a large list of electric charging station operators.
Micro-transit services and P2P car sharing
Car sharing is car rental for a short period of time with the advantages of a private car without any expenditures for care and maintenance. A fully automated service without the need for personnel.
Taxi performance analytics (KIS ART)
Taxi analytics system that implements the "Digital Taxi Driver Profile". An analytics system designed to collect and analyze information about taxi drivers and carriers operating in Moscow and the Moscow region. The service aggregates data about carriers including the number of permits issued, driven cars, pre- and post-trip inspection. System also collects, verifies and monitors information about taxi drivers including working hours, compliance with traffic rules and the rules for transporting passengers regulated by government decrees, fines, medical examination, maintenance, citizenship and basic documents.
Innovative solutions for communication with citizens
A solution for city management and information sharing with citizens and city services.
Active urban dweller
An electronic referendum platform for voting, polling and gathering public opinions, including a complaints handling system.
Utilization of BigData technologies allows you to aggregate information about user profiles and target the audience of votes and polls as accurately as possible.
Unified Mobile Platform (EMP)
The state information system "Unified Mobile Platform of the City of Moscow" is developed and operated by the Intermobility Group. The platform is a unified service interface for the interaction of urban systems with residents of Moscow by using mobile services. The platform provides inter-service communication for many city information systems and works as a single API for external data sources and developers.
Personal communications system (IS.PC)
The service enables information systems to send messages to users in the form of emails, short messages (SMS), push notifications, as well as collect statistics and evaluate the effectiveness of communications. Big Data technologies significantly increases the efficiency of interactions. According to independent expert estimates, the efficiency of communications with users rises by 75%.
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Smart city
Creation of a unified system for automation of housing and communal services.
Electronic home
An uniform and effective tool of housing management for residents, managing organizations and home owner associations.  The service for obtaining information, sending complaints around the house, transferring meter readings and paying for services, conducting votes and meetings, submitting applications through various electronic portals and departments.
Automatic resource counting
Solutions for reduction of costs for collecting meter readings. Heat energy and water supply consumption is calculated automatically. We also constantly monitor the quality of resources — short deliveries, temperature modes, and other characteristics.
Billing of mutual settlements in housing and communal services
A centralized solution for payments for housing and communal services. Residents have the opportunity to pay bills and track meter readings. Executive branch authorities control consumption and receive reports in a convenient form.
Mobile automatic workplace (KIS MARM)
An integrated information system designed for employees to carry out field work at remote sites.
A convenient platform for tablets and mobile devices was created to improve work efficiency, to provide transition from paper to electronic resources for automating business processes, analytics, reporting and formation of a single data storage center. The modular structure of the system is suitable for short-term projects, record-keeping, it also guarantees a sufficient level of information security.
Minimum investments
Minimum investments
Expand your business without considerable expenses for equipment
Access from any device
Access from any device
Manage your business from any device: computer, tablet or smartphone
Opportunities for business scaling
Opportunities for business scaling
Thanks to a flexible API, you can easily and efficiently expand your business at any time
API for seamless third-party integrations
API for seamless third-party integrations
You can easily and quickly perform integration with any software and hardware
Steady operation
Steady operation
We try to ensure the reliability of the platform in 24/7/365 mode
Easy update
Easy update
The cloud solution allows you to automatically update the system without any action at your end
Resources management
Monitoring of all resources in real time: geolocation, current status, heartbeat.
Billing systems implementation
Flexible price setting and tariffication, invoicing, automatic integration with payment gateways. Convenient and transparent payment methods for clients.
Backend development
Service settings, hardware and software monitoring, analytics and reporting — all in one user-friendly system.
Providing 24/7 support
A professional support team easily handles any questions that a client may have.
Technical support
Our highly qualified specialists will set up the system, help you select the equipment, and also advise on the implementation of the product and the launch of new services.
Technology stack
Programming languages
Programming languagesProgramming languagesProgramming languagesProgramming languages
Libraries and tools
Libraries and toolsLibraries and toolsLibraries and toolsLibraries and toolsLibraries and toolsLibraries and toolsLibraries and toolsLibraries and tools
Message brokers
Message brokers
Data bases
Data basesData basesData basesData basesData bases
Portals and applications
EVA intermobility
EVA intermobility
Organization of a network of "turnkey" electric charging stations, creation of user interfaces and platforms for ECS management, service and maintenance of the charging infrastructure.
Formation of an ecosystem for the development of electric charging infrastructure in Russia and other countries.
To connect charging station owners and car users.
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Active urban dweller
Active urban dweller
A multi-platform system for communication of the RF constituent entities with citizens in the field of conducting surveys and working with complaints in various areas of urban life (housing and communal services, transport, social issues).
To involve citizens into the decision-making process. To provide an open dialogue and transparency in the activities of the RF constituent entities.
Creation of a platform using a big data technology for communication between the city administration and citizens.
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25.01.2024 17:21:00
Intermobility has successfully completed the modernization of the Taxi Operation Analytics system
The result of the implementation of the system will be an increase in the level of safety of taxi transportation. At the end of 2023, the number of drivers connected to the system exceeded 340 thousand.
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24.01.2024 17:07:00
Intermobility presented its projects at the Smart Cities India Expo
Intermobility took part in the Smart Cities India Expo exhibition in New Delhi from 17th to 19th January. We demonstrated our achievements in the field of transport, housing and communal services, personal communications, charging infrastructure.
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16.12.2023 13:57:00
New contract for Intermobility: additional contour of Unified Mobile Platform will be used as part of special events
Intermobility has signed a new contract for the modernization of the state information system Unified Mobile Platform.
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Clients and partners
EVA intermobility
Organization of a network of "turnkey" electric charging stations, creation of user interfaces and platforms for ECS management, service and maintenance of the charging infrastructure.
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Creation of automated systems to control the work of city and commercial services. Ensuring transparency of managing organizations, updating information about objects and works in the field of housing and communal services.
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