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Access to mobile services of Moscow Government
"Intermobility" is to offer access to The Government of Moscow’s mobile services for the citizens.

Last week, the Department of Information Technologies and Intermobility LLC signed a contract to provide citizens with a gateway to The Government of Moscow’s mobile services.
This solution offered by Intermobility optimizes the use of existing mobile applications, such as Gosuslugi, Our City, and Mos.ru Portal Application. Intermobility is offering this opportunity for the second time for two years in a row. With the completion date set for December 2021, the contract amounts to 65 million roubles.

This project will be implemented under the state program "Development of the digital environment and innovations", the access to metropolitan mobile services implies improvement of the quality and availability of public services, as well as simplification of communicative processes between Moscow’s residents, authorities and NGOs.
Urban Mobility Forum
Last Friday, our colleagues from Intermobility visited the Urban Mobility Forum, the main event in the field of urban transportation.
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New project in Kenya
Intermobility, an integrator of smart transport IT systems, has launched a pilot project in Nairobi, Kenya. The project is dedicated to modern parking solutions for business.
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