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New project in Kenya
Intermobility, an integrator of smart transport IT systems, has launched a pilot project in business parking solutions in Nairobi, Kenya.

The company is launching a fully automatic indoor parking solution with mobile payments as part of the pilot. The solution uses license plate recognition and the USSD channel to process the payments for parking. Thanks to this solution, parking becomes fully automated with cashless payments.
The main task of the pilot is to remove cash from circulation and test the compatibility of technologies and the adoption of such a decision by users.

Cashless payment is a priority for the partner in Kenya, as it makes the business transparent, reduces the cost of handling cash and prevents theft, misappropriation and loss of income. The M-PESA system is used for payments, which provides branchless banking services, meaning that users can perform the most common banking operations without having to visit the bank office.
The continued success of the M-PESA system in Kenya has resulted in a popular and affordable payment service with little bank involvement. Now users will be able to pay for parking familiarly and conveniently. The USSD channel was chosen for use in the project's first phase, as smartphones are not yet typical in all Kenyan nationals. A mobile application is the next stage of the project, which will make the use of parking even more convenient for smartphone users. With this project, Intermobility is opening up a new, up-and-coming African market that requires global innovation in many areas of urban life. In recent years the company has been focusing on such improvements.

It should be noted that the company "Intermobility" is a member of the ICIE and plans to continue to launch similar projects in cities and countries participating in the International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

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